Données, Informations, et Connaissances Médicales
Medical Data, Information and Knowledge 

The MEDICS Laboratory was founded in 2007 by Prof. Simon Duchesne at the CERVO Brain Research Center, affiliated with Laval University in Quebec City (Quebec, Canada).
Our team's mission is
to research and develop artificial intelligence solutions based on the processing of medical data, information and knowledge in order to solve pressing clinical problems in neurology. The team's main scope centers on the early detection and monitoring of Alzheimer's disease (AD), the most prevalent cause of neurodegenerescence.
vision is that, by building a model of brain health across the adult lifespan, encompassing clinical, cognitive, behavioral, genetic, anatomical and physiological components and relating these factors to cognitive performance, we could differentiate early AD against the background of normal decline due to aging. Achieving this vision would unlock a therapeutic window of opportunity spanning decades in which we could act to slow down the decline due to AD with pharmacological as well as non-pharmacological approaches.